Never Go Against Yourself


Do not ignore the fundamentals of right and wrong for love nor money. At the core of us all are things that are non-negotiable and that we can’t bring ourselves to give up or relinquish because it’s part of what makes us human, good and whole. To ignore all of that, for the sake of things and people, will lead to a dead end because it inevitably bites us back in the butt and makes us feel even worse for knowing better in the first place.


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We Are A Walking Contradiction

Looking Natural


We spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on high-end, superior quality makeup to achieve a natural look because our own ‘natural skin tone’ doesn’t meet the criteria.




It’s now normal to pay money for something or somebody’s hair rather than to let the hair, growing out from our own scalp, see the light of day. It is also acceptable to pluck your eyebrows to the point that you stunt its regrowth so that you can have a blank ‘face’ canvas on which to redraw the same, damn thing.




We know how devastating it is to have our hearts broken and the shame and humiliation that accompany the realization that you’ve been rejected. You would think that having first-hand experience of this, people would be more sympathetic in love. However, the victims become the perpetrators, expecting the warmth of love yet unfairly exchanging this for the disappointments, distrust and heartaches of the past. Hurt enough people and in time we will have a generation that is more adept at causing pain than showing love.




A man will be blind to the multitude of wrongs that his love interest commits but will snipe at even the smallest indiscretion of someone he doesn’t even remotely care about. Remember that the next time you try to find excuses for his lack of interest.


Bank Charges


You have no money hence why you go into your overdraft. When you exceed your overdraft you are punished (for not having enough money) by being charged more in overdraft fees. Surely since we didn’t have the money for the overdraft to begin with, we’ll be able to find that and much more when additional fees are included, right? It’s basic economics.




People pretend to be rich, pretend to be famous, pretend to be perfect, pretend to be knowledgeable, pretend to be special and pretend to be happy. Then they get upset when you stop pretending to care.


Internet Dating


It’s unbelievable that there are so many atheists and agnostics in the world when there is still so much blind faith. There is faith that the profile picture online will actually be a true representation of the individual you will be meeting in person. There is faith that you will miraculously lose the excess weight and time will be reversed such that the former you, in your online pic, will appear when you meet the other person for the first time. There is faith that the person you’re communicating with is truly the established professional they say they are and not just a con-artist, pervert or serial killer. There is still faith that the online lies will become the truth and the reality  of a situation will become a lie. There is still faith…….


We Are Still Evolving

Human – business evolution

Evolution is still in progress today, in front of our very own eyes. While technological advances are making devices smarter, people are simultaneously becoming lazier and dumber.


English Speakers


How can we accuse foreigners for not doing a better job of learning English when we don’t even understand it ourselves? We hear the words but fail to listen, we read a text but struggle to understand the meaning and we speak to each other in perfect English yet still misunderstand what the other person is saying.




How is it that something as simple as a vote can enable leaders to gain power but it takes disturbances, protests, public uproars, marches, petitions and other grand scale events to try and repeal policies or eject leaders from their seat of power?




We get attacked by radicalized Muslims and lose loved ones and fellow citizens at the hands of suicide bombers. The old bury the young and people’s lives are extinguished at the height of their youth and vigour. We burn with hate, seethe with anger and seek retaliation. And how do we go about doing this? We attack Muslim mothers commuting to and from work, bully and isolate Muslim children at school, vandalise Muslim places of worship and businesses, verbally abuse Muslims in the streets and gang up on any Muslim that appears visibly vulnerable. The code of conduct in times like these is to vent our frustration and visit our retaliation not on the aggressors but on anyone else that remotely dresses and worships the same way. It would be interesting to see what the end result will be when the innocent is punished for the wrongdoing of others and the more neutral masses are held accountable for the actions of a handful. We shouldn’t be punished for the sins of our forefathers but they deserve to be punished for the terror committed by a select few. After all, whatever we do is in the name of justice. The same acts only become terror when done by men wearing turbans and women dressed in hijabs, right?


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