A Man In Love Doesn’t Need Convincing


Need I comment further? You won’t need to let him know that you’re hurting, he will feel it. You won’t need to prompt him to do little love gestures for you, it will come naturally. You won’t have to argue with him to care, that will be second nature. You won’t have to beg him to not hurt you – he will know better. Love will not need to give an account for whether or not it’s there. It will speak for itself through the way your partner treats you.



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I Am My Own Palm Reader: This Is My Future

Instead of finding a palm reader or fortune teller to tell me what I want to hear or offer some glimpse of hope into my future, I’d rather focus on achieving what’s in my control and pray about the rest. I am my own palm reader and this is my future:

Meet The Man Of My Dreams

I’m going to meet the man of my dreams and our relationship will be as explosive as it is loving. We will be as crazy about each other as we are about life. We will be today’s version of the A Team where we’ll stand united against life’s challenges. He will be my King and I will be his Queen. He will be my rock and I will be his comfort. We will know each other’s weaknesses and not exploit them to our advantage but like pieces of a puzzle, he’ll match my weakness with his strength and I will greet his shortcomings with love.

My Kids

My kids will be beautiful. They will not only have soundness of mind but strength of character. They will be healthy, happy and enjoy their youth. While there is still breath in my body they will want for nothing and they will not be short of love. They will be a credit to their family and a blessing to this world, standing immovable and steadfast in the face of calamity, difficulty, heartbreak and pain.

Imma Get This Money

I will not live a life from pay check to pay check, caught up in the uncertainty of my future every time another recession hits or subjected to the whims of managers who are happy to claim the leadership title but quick to relinquish the work to others. As I sleep, my bank account will have money flowing in and as I vacation, funds will automatically be amassing to pay for the next one. I will be a mover and shaker in my field and I will not only excel at what I do but I will also become a pioneer in how I do it.

I Will Be Happy

I will be happy. My days of contentment, happiness and even euphoria will exceed those days of anxiety, doubt and pain. Every day that I wake, I will see a reason to give thanks and my spirit will be humbled by the sheer knowledge that I have been blessed with basic comforts and people who love and care for me. I will be content with little the same way that I am content with much and I will appreciate the people that matter and release the people that don’t. My memory will do well to keep a mental archive of all those moments which brought happiness and automatically delete and discard the rest. I will remain positive and hopeful and not bitter and resentful. I will love life and I will enjoy it.

I don’t need a fortune teller to tell me this. All I need is time and all I desire is to live long enough to witness it.


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