Your first and forever bestfriend

Before we were introduced to the world of relationships, friendships, situationships etc., all we knew was ourselves. As a child, there was such a wonderful fascination with the world around us that we were content with projecting our imagination on objects that appealed to our sensory needs. Our sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and … Continue reading

You May Have Dodged A Bullet!

Have you realised that doors have started to open ever since you split with your ex? That the windows of opportunity and the wonders of life have started to reveal themselves to you in ways you never witnessed before? Have you noticed that you are beginning to regain your glow, recover your inner strength, recapture … Continue reading

Why Does Your Love Look Like Suffering?

You know those couples all too well. They play the part in portraying a lovely picture of being two peas in a pod, inseparable and so deeply in-tuned with each other. However, once the onlookers are gone and the show is over, they barely even utter a word to each other in private. Another scenario … Continue reading