What Recession?

It seems like the recession represents the age old adage that ‘misery loves company’ since it has surely dragged most of us into the abyss of uncertainty, worry and even frustration.  I am sick and tired of working so hard and dedicating so much time and effort to my job, university and every other aspect of this wretched life only to have months and years of hardwork destroyed within minutes by the avaricious and wealthy elite.  But I will not waste my time on a reality that I can hardly change, I can only control how I will approach the future henceforth and I will start by taking it one step at a time 😉

Christmas is approaching and I am broke.  As a full-time student job hunting I have had my fair share of disappointments and headaches due to failed interviews, unanswered emails and ignored CVs.  The government has voted for a raise in University fees, I have an exam approaching that I have barely managed to study for and I have already exceeded my overdraft.  What is my response to all this?  I’ll let you know when I can think of one lol.

The thing about this life is that things tend to happen when you least expect it; things take a turn for the better when you stop worrying about it; you tend to find things that you’ve lost when you stop looking for it and ultimately however tough and rocky the road may be, fate doesn’t tend to cast a blind eye on a hardworker.  I will always cherish my mum for her wisdom when she said to me that life is like a wheel that is constantly turning.  Each spoke has someone’s name written on it and with every rotation, however small, that someone will receive a breakthrough.  When I first heard it I thought to myself, ‘well whatever makes you sleep at nights’…..pretty much the same way that people say that it’s the ugly ones that insist that beauty is on the inside.  But on the contrary, there is some truth to what my mother said.

Regardless of what happens I know that the race is not for the swift but who can endure.  I can’t say that I was built to win but I sure as hell know that I was built to fight and that’s exactly what I intend to do.  In the end when I am sitting around that dinner table with my family and friends, singing christmas carols, opening gifts and reflecting on the good times this year…….I will look back at all of this and think ‘What recession?’

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