You May Have Dodged A Bullet!


Have you realised that doors have started to open ever since you split with your ex? That the windows of opportunity and the wonders of life have started to reveal themselves to you in ways you never witnessed before? Have you noticed that you are beginning to regain your glow, recover your inner strength, recapture your youth and connect with yourself on a level that can only spell trouble for that ex if he should ever come back to your life? Have you noticed that you’ve changed and it is just……………….wonderful! Welcome to the world of freedom my brothers and sisters. You have been set free from the clutches of disappointments, broken promises, mediocrity and settling for less. If you stay in our programme long enough, we guarantee that at the end, you will discover the love that you truly deserve. In your starter pack, you will notice a free guide for not looking back and a free passageway for moving forward. Your enrolment begins today!



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You Expect What You Don’t Give?


Isn’t it funny? You will have someone demand from you the very thing that they themselves don’t even care to give. You may even be held to rigorous, unyielding demands and expectations that those very same people will relax or forget when it comes to themselves. It’s even more comical when you see this happening in relationships. How many have seen a partner demand commitment yet excercise little self-discipline when it comes to faithfulness? How many complain about lack of affection but conveniently turn a blind eye to the fact that they give equally little to no attention? How many insist on respect but consistently fail to give it? Yet we wonder why relationships are not what they used to be………


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You Want To Know Someone’s True Nature?

It’s easy to fall in love with the good that people exhibit but if you’re going to enter into a life long union with someone, it’s important that you understand whether or not you can live with the bad. One of the reasons why we often fail to do this is because we place a lot of emphasis on the outward rather than the inward. For instance, I’d rather teach a man how to cook than have to teach him how to be a gentleman. I’d rather have a problem with him leaving the toilet seat up than have a problem with him not knowing how to support me at my lowest. I’d rather fuss about his fashion sense than have to fuss at him for not knowing how to be a good father to my kids. However, most importantly, we have to appreciate that difficulties, upsets and hard times serve a purpose. They are the tests and trials that separates the friends from the foes, the hypocrite from the genuine, the lies from the truth. Better to spend your time knowing someone than waste your time trying to get rid of them.




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My Man

Love on another level


I’ll know him by the way he walks

The way he moves

The way he talks


A quiet determination he will possess

And an iron-clad will which can withstand any test

He will be a work of art from head to toe

On that I won’t need a second opinion, I’d already know


He need not be perfect

And I may not meet him the way I planned

But when I see him

It won’t take much to know, ‘That’s my man’


I’m the shrew that Shakespeare wrote about

That can never be tamed for good

But stand me before this man of substance

And he might just do what my exes never could


His gaze will be disarming, his silence powerful

His actions will be sure, his wisdom undeniable

He will be the toast of many but I will be his biggest fan

Because dealing with a woman who’s a handful

Requires the experience and skill of a man


We may argue, fuss and fight

But we’ll back each other 100%

And if you think the conflict between us is bad

Try interfering in our business, with or without consent


My confidence in him will fuel his courage

His strength will set fire to my ambitions

Offering him the best of me won’t seem like a sin

After all I was always a Queen and now I’ve finally found my King


Knowing him will make sense to why past relationships never worked out

Being with him will redefine what happiness is really about

I won’t have to be strong all the time, he will fill that role effortlessly

And imma take care o’ this man, whether it’s in or out the bedroom



So I’ll continue to live my life to the fullest

I’ve yet to hit my peak and my journey has just begun

This queen will be getting her ‘ish together

He won’t even know what hit him by the time I’m done



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The Coward

It may have been their conditioning from birth

Or maybe it’s just their personality

To snivel, whine and moan about their predicament

Yet be the last to confront their problems in reality


A coward comes in all shapes and sizes

But one thing they have in common

Is to tell their problems to everyone in sight

Except the one who originally caused them


They’ll sit back and watch you fight their battles

And give themselves credit for remaining neutral if things go south

They’ll be the first in line to receive the benefits from the struggle

And throw you under the bus because self-preservation is what they’re about


Then there are those who talk a good game

And are convincing enough to appear genuine

They’ll claim the title of the underdog who makes the incredible comeback

Only to find they’re nothing more than an uncomfortable idiot with a grin


They bluster and flare bright, fueled by the attention

Then they dwindle quickly out of sight, the minute there is tension

They have a talent to seek out camaraderie when they’re in a pickle

And a knack for disappearing when you’re in trouble, however big or little


So what do you do when you see that coward?

That sniveling, spineless, yellow-bellied ass wipe?

Take a closer look, there’s a coward in us too

You’ll see him the next time you decide to flee and NOT fight




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Relationship Chronicles: Husband’s Response

Both of you are just as bad as each other

Neither one of you deserves to be my children’s mother

I may have made a big mistake getting married in the first place

But I made an even bigger mistake finding a mistress,

What a complete waste


To you my wife, you are like vinegar to the teeth

Over the years you’ve grown bitter

And enjoyed trampling my pride under your feet


I was always a man of few words but I loved you the best that I could

Yet you quarrelled, bitched and moaned more than the children ever would

I think you just married me with the aim of making me someone I was not

Unsatisfied with me as your husband and determined to make me miserable, no matter what


So you cheated with my bestfriend, a man you secretly admired for years

From ten years of marriage you struggled to close your legs for six of those years

And I might have forgiven that but the children’s paternity I could no longer ignore

So while we argued over DNA tests, I cheated just to even the score


So now I am with you my mistress, a woman as abhorrent as the first

My wife may be a complete bitch but you earn the prize for slut of the universe

You’re not upset about being the sidechick, you knew from the start I was married

Yet you enjoyed picking fights, creating drama, keeping me uneasy and constantly worried


But I knew I wasn’t the only one and you didn’t work so I was really your meal ticket

Slightly better than a prostitute but not nearly the type to wife, I had a void and you simply filled it

I kept coming back not because of the sex, secret rendezvous or even your ‘so-called’ looks

I was hurt, filled with spite and so I sought comfort in a woman no better than a crook


Congratulations on being pregnant but the fan-fare will really start once you find the father

Like I said, I knew I wasn’t the only one so I suggest DNA tests from also Martin, Rick and Arthur

As for giving the child my wife’s name – Susie, that just confirms you are truly psychotic

How does naming my potential daughter after my cheating wife NOT defy reason and logic?


I’m glad you both started writing hate letters to each other

You now have something in common to forge your toxic relationship

As for me, I have since moved on to another

And it’s the best decision I’ve made, since we’re practically joined to the hip!


So dear wife prepare the divorce papers and get ready to meet me in court

You both should also let me know the DNA results, since there’s the matter of the children to sort

Closing the chapter on you both will bring a fresh new start to my life with Jim

You read it right, I’m out the closet and so much happier because of him



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