Your first and forever bestfriend


Before we were introduced to the world of relationships, friendships, situationships etc., all we knew was ourselves. As a child, there was such a wonderful fascination with the world around us that we were content with projecting our imagination on objects that appealed to our sensory needs. Our sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste were slowly awakened as we delved into a world of novelty and mystery. Since that time, we’ve relished having these experiences alone, never once feeling obligated to explain to the world our reason for being happy yet single and never once fearing the idea of making new discoveries all by ourselves. As we’ve grown, our need for companionship has likewise increased but sometimes at the expense of neglecting our very first and most abiding friend – ourselves. Regardless of what people choose to believe, that friend never leaves us. Those nights when we are left to our own thoughts, those times that we are racked with uncertainty and misgivings, those secret moments when we cry ourselves to sleep, no one else witnesses this except your nearest and dearest – you. We came into this world alone and we shall leave this world alone. Make it so that you leave this life with your bestfriend and not a stranger.


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