Why You Got Hurt


There is no problem in loving others, just so long as you don’t love them at the expense of yourself, at the expense of your happiness and at the expense of your peace of mind. In life, the key to enjoyment and fulfilment is balance. No true love will ever require you to go against what you know is right and it will certainly not accept that you be less than yourself. Make the love you have for yourself be the benchmark for the kind of love you wish to receive from others. True love starts from you. What you accept for yourself is what you will attract from others.


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2 thoughts on “Why You Got Hurt

  1. I don’t know. I think you get hurt because you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Falling in love means a lot of things, including good things, as well as pain. Your statement is true, we do need to love ourselves first, we can’t let other people destroy us. But even if you live in a bomb shelter, you’ll still get hurt.


    • You are absolutely right. I guess the most important thing is how you handle the hurt but I think how well you handle that is highly dependent on how happy you are within yourself to begin with.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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