Why Does Your Love Look Like Suffering?


You know those couples all too well. They play the part in portraying a lovely picture of being two peas in a pod, inseparable and so deeply in-tuned with each other. However, once the onlookers are gone and the show is over, they barely even utter a word to each other in private. Another scenario is where you will find one out of the two trying desperately to give the impression of a ‘happy union’ to their ‘audience’ while the other partner is either nowhere to be found or vaguely interested in even being present.

Even further still, you will have the person looking stunning and fresh before the relationship. Yet after a month or two, they appear gaunt, worried and insecure. It’s bad enough when we deceive each other but there is something about deceiving yourself which makes the situation all the more dire. To actively participate in suppressing your own instincts, quieting your inner voice and going against your intuition speaks not only to self-sabotage but also to condemning yourself to perpetual unhappiness in the name of pretense and make-believe. Being in love shouldn’t look like serving time. If it does, time to have a closer look at who the jailer is.



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2 thoughts on “Why Does Your Love Look Like Suffering?

  1. Natty Dread. I look forward to your daily posts. Very interesting and some put a smile on my face like this one.

    I know of “couples” like this as well. The ones just in a relationship because they’re scared of being alone. Trying to make others jealous of a “endless love” they know they don’t have.


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