Not That Kind of Woman

Nope. naaw. Not even close. I won’t be emotionally blackmailed or shamed because it’s inconvenient for any man that my standards are not LOW enough to be an easy conquest. I also won’t allow spells of loneliness to deceive me into thinking that it would be easier to settle for someone and certain things that I know are less than what I deserve. I’d rather be the type that you think twice about approaching, that you think long and hard about wooing. Stepping to me without any fear of rejection, with an unwavering sense of confidence that you will have your own way will get your feelings hurt and your ego bruised.

The looks alone won’t cut it, the swag will not be your saving grace and showing a bit of attention will not get you far. I’m not angry and bitter, I’m not crazy and unnecessarily difficult, I’m not playing games or being unrealistic, I’m simply not that kind of woman……



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