I Have No Reason To Compete With You



It’s comical watching the politics, maneuvering, underhanded tactics, ass kissing and self-preservation stunts that people pull in the workplace just to keep their position or to make their way up the corporate ladder. On the one hand, you sympathize with them and appreciate that they have bills to pay, possibly kids (or pets) to feed and personal financial battles which make it absolutely paramount that they remain in work. In short, they have to survive. But should your survival hinge on taking food out of another person’s mouth? Should your well-being be preserved at the cost of another’s? Are you the only one that lady luck should look favorably upon? Understandably, if you have the relevant skills, experience and attitude, you should not be denied the opportunities that emerge in the workplace for growth or promotion. However, many times the claws come out and the rat race begins when people observe in the workplace that they are either equally matched or easily surpassed in talent. I have worked in several organisations during my lifetime and one thing that remains constant is the fact that people believe that WE are all working towards the same aim – to be pals with higher management, to get that bigger pay check, to be in charge instead of taking orders etc. Often times they are left shocked and slightly amused when ultimately I leave for other pursuits. In their narrow-minded thinking, they believe that either the stress was too much or simply that I’ve fortunately reduced the level of competition they will have to face when going for that promotion. What they fail to realize is that when you occupy a role or stay in an organisation long enough, there comes  a time where you’ve learnt as much as it can teach you or you’ve simply concluded that the role is not something you want to do for the rest of your life. So I never fear moving on because I’m never afraid of re-adapting and growing my skills set. Therefore, while many (who stay behind) remain completely focused on becoming a permanent fixture within the buildings they work in, I focus on being so marketable that I will always be in demand wherever I go. Ultimately, I will know that I have achieved my goal, the day that that lucrative company I finally work for, so happens to be my own.



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One thought on “I Have No Reason To Compete With You

  1. I agree! Too many of us follow instead of lead and if that’s your comfort zone then by all means. Without followers there would be no employees. LOL.

    As a “go getter” myself I can relate to this post Natty Dread.

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