“I’ve Changed, Honest”

Isn’t it funny that you will speak to someone till you’re blue in the face and they still won’t hear you? However, the minute you decide to walk away, they suddenly see the light? Isn’t it incredible that we choose to have selective hearing when we think that we have nothing to lose but suddenly can see, hear and understand all when everything has been lost? Then there’s this assumption that when we’ve had some time for self-reflection and ‘so-called’ improvement, we are now on par with the other person mentally and spiritually. Only to find that they’ve improved so much more since our last stint with them and that you will be constantly fighting to keep up with their changes. Some people find it hard to believe that the time shared with others was really only meant to teach certain lessons. I find that particularly true when it comes to exes. However, never forget that the world doesn’t stop spinning on account of you suffering a break up. People DO move on so there’s no sense in trying to play catch up. For many, the past will remain just that – and that includes all the people in it.





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