My Man

Never gets old!


Love on another level

I’ll know him by the way he walks

The way he moves

The way he talks

A quiet determination he will possess

And an iron-clad will which can withstand any test

He will be a work of art from head to toe

On that I won’t need a second opinion, I’d already know

He need not be perfect

And I may not meet him the way I planned

But when I see him

It won’t take much to know, ‘That’s my man’

I’m the shrew that Shakespeare wrote about

That can never be tamed for good

But stand me before this man of substance

And he might just do what my exes never could

His gaze will be disarming, his silence powerful

His actions will be sure, his wisdom undeniable

He will be the toast of many but I will be his biggest fan

Because dealing with a woman who’s…

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