Using The Internet To Behave Badly


Free Speech, Free Will

Ever since I decided to build an internet audience through my blogs, quotes and podcast, I’ve realised some very interesting and at times disturbing developments. One thing that definitely shines through is the fact that some have found the courage to not only behave badly but to express their opinions in the most unsavory and inflammatory manner conceivable. Maybe their vocabulary is limited to foul language or maybe the internet is the only SAFE place where they can find an outlet for their dark side. Either way, the more I gain an online presence, the more I notice the following:

Internet Trolls

These are virtually online bullies who often launch into a tirade filled with insults, bad language, malice and spite all in the name of waging online war. It doesn’t take much provocation to solicit a highly offensive response. In fact, this usually comes as a result of them simply having a difference of opinion with the content that they discover on the internet. Now, it is a very easy thing to ignore such comments. Unfortunately, more often than not, such negative comments function the same way that negative reviews do. They discourage others from giving a second thought to your content or may even prove highly misleading as to what your content is truly about. A part from being an unwanted distraction to possibly new subscribers, they may also affect your rating and are sometimes completely unfounded and purely malicious. The more you come across these, the more you value the capability of being able to filter or block comments.

The Educated Illiterates

These lovely people are the ones that may have a degree or two to their name, maybe pride themselves on reading the papers everyday and may even engage in the occasional lively debate about politics and world events. These are the very same people that tend to have a problem reading and often don’t go beyond the headline of an online article before launching into their own glorified waffle and pedantic nonsense. Like internet trolls, they tend to go way off topic and often exude a certain level of arrogance, thinking that theirs is the only opinion that counts. Often arriving at premature and misguided conclusions, they’re as annoying as they are deluded.

Piggy-backers / Spammers

Don’t you just love those people who leave comments on your post and all it turns out to be is a redirect link to their own blog or website? Isn’t it lovely that you should spend all that time and effort producing great content only for it to be hijacked by an opportunist who looks to benefit from the attention it’s getting? Better yet, what about those lovely people who just bombard your inbox with advertisements? Calling them a pain in the arse is an understatement!

Pornographic Content & Subscribers

Now these naughty little people add another dimension to spamming – the erotic and ex-rated side. It only takes a very explicit picture in the comments feed to frighten away other readers especially if they are the ones who go to your content during short breaks at work! Again, these can be blocked but you sometimes find that the more persistent ones may slip through the net. As if that’s not bad enough, you might even have them subscribe under a purely innocent name. However, the minute you click through to their profile to see the kind of person who honored you by subscribing to your content, bam! dirty pictures that can last you a lifetime. This is just as annoying and can be highly embarrassing if unfortunately viewed in a public place!


The Good Side

The truth of the matter is that it’s not all bad. What is human interaction without some level of conflict and opportunism? As much as these things may be very annoying, they are usually very good indicators that your content is reaching an ever-growing audience. Furthermore, those loyal subscribers and frequent readers make all the effort of writing and blogging all the more worthwhile. So putting up with some ‘undesirables’ turns out to not be as big an ordeal. After all, it’s all about showing love to the people who love you back!


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