The Coward

It may have been their conditioning from birth

Or maybe it’s just their personality

To snivel, whine and moan about their predicament

Yet be the last to confront their problems in reality


A coward comes in all shapes and sizes

But one thing they have in common

Is to tell their problems to everyone in sight

Except the one who originally caused them


They’ll sit back and watch you fight their battles

And give themselves credit for remaining neutral if things go south

They’ll be the first in line to receive the benefits from the struggle

And throw you under the bus because self-preservation is what they’re about


Then there are those who talk a good game

And are convincing enough to appear genuine

They’ll claim the title of the underdog who makes the incredible comeback

Only to find they’re nothing more than an uncomfortable idiot with a grin


They bluster and flare bright, fueled by the attention

Then they dwindle quickly out of sight, the minute there is tension

They have a talent to seek out camaraderie when they’re in a pickle

And a knack for disappearing when you’re in trouble, however big or little


So what do you do when you see that coward?

That sniveling, spineless, yellow-bellied ass wipe?

Take a closer look, there’s a coward in us too

You’ll see him the next time you decide to flee and NOT fight




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