It’s Not Your Fault, Right?

You were born into hurt. You were too small to be able to fight back, too naive to realize that you weren’t to blame, too young to avoid being dependent and unfortunate to have it happen to you. Now you’re grown but traces of the pain follows you into every interaction and every relationship. You were fortunate to find those that could understand. They sympathized each time you were at your worst and did or said things you didn’t mean. They understood and tolerated it until that fateful day when you finally started to hurt them. You pushed them away at a time when you needed them the most and now they no longer have the time or the patience to be party to your insanity. So they leave. You sit in self-pity blaming your problems on your past while they sit in clarity, seeing not the person that was the author of your pain but the fact that you’ve become the author of theirs.

“Don’t be so caught up in the pain of your past that you ignore the hurt it is leading you to inflict in the present”




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