Why does that initial ‘high’ wear off

I have always been a fan of hi-tec gadgets including laptops, cameras and especially mobile phones. Why is that? Well it is not because I needed these things to counteract any lack of confidence or serve as my right of passage into the ‘cool’ circles or even to help validate my very existence in this very fast pace world. No, on the contrary they were an extension of myself. The more unique and unattainable they were (both in price and availability) the more attractive they appeared but more than anything else, the sleek designs were what ultimately captivated my attention.

Have you ever seen the light bouncing off the unblemished surface of a recently released smart-phone? Have you ever marvelled at how manufacturers manage to pack so much technological ‘umph’ into small devices and still do justice to its aesthetic appeal? Have you ever felt that deeply satisfying feeling of buying that long awaited gadget and knowing that the wait was worth it? If you can relate to this then you are no different from me. However, why does that initial euphoria eventually wear off?

Well talking from experience, it’s sometimes because the hype doesn’t match the reality. Ever had a 5 megapixel camera embedded in a smartphone that gave you picture quality that was akin to the quality of black and white television back in the day? Ever had a phone that had every single feature imaginable but somehow managed to neglect some fundamental ones like bluetooth and sd card expansion slots? Ever had a laptop that was hailed the biggest, baddest powerhouse for generations to come but then managed to break down within a couple of weeks? Then again it could simply be that we thrive on the prospect that whatever we possess at the moment will inevitably be outdone by a new release or better competition. Therefore, it is only fair that we look upon our current gadgets favourably until something else emerges to take its place. Likewise, maybe our expectations were truly too unrealistic to begin with or maybe time has taken its toll and its time to move on to greener ‘hi-tec’ pastures.

Whatever the reason I know that in the end I will continue to have that ‘love-hate’ relationship with technology. Fortunately, technology on a whole won’t know the difference…………….

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