New Website!

Dear All, Just wanted to let you know that I now have a new website which includes my blog and a lot more wonderful content! I really appreciate your subscription to my current WordPress blog and apologise for not posting as often as I should have. If you still have mad love somewhere in your … Continue reading

I Got This Far Without You

Don’t you just love those people who were nowhere to be found when you were down and out but suddenly appear out of the woodworks with all their fanciful ideas, opinions and advice when you start to make some breakthrough? Better still, you will come across those people who are ready and eager to tell … Continue reading

Punching Above Your Belt

It’s comical how people will bite off more than they can chew yet blame everything and everyone else for the fact that they are struggling to cope. The same applies to relationships where everyone is looking for someone who has their shit together while many of these same people remain blind to the fact that their shit … Continue reading